What exactly is Cypher?

Earn cryptocurrency tokens by navigating the real world.

Cypher aims to mix both an active lifestyle along with a monetary incentive, using both geo location and augumented reality players will be able to gain incentivised cryptocurrency tokens within game.

  • Download Cypher

    Cypher will be available on the leading app stores and support various devices, the first app store will be the Apple Appstore with Google Play shortly after release.

  • Account Creation

    Account creation on the Cypher Website is a required step prior to accessing the Cypher Community game, this is where player information and deposit information is securely stored.

  • Discover!

    Explore your real world surroundings for Cypher Terminals, with the aid of in game mining the token (CYR) will be available after the given in game time for withdraw.


Working prototype screenshots of the Cypher Application

screenshots mobile

Download the Cypher-QT Wallet on your computer today